How many times have you changed your outfit in one night? Don’t be ashamed. It happens. 

This particular night, I changed about 8 times. I literally wore myself out, and by the final ensemble, I completely surrendered to the fashion gods. I was exhausted.

To my surprise, I received several compliments on this ensemble and the first thing I thought was “wow I am totally not feeling this” but of course I was grateful for the love. I was comfortable and I just didn’t care to impress. I was all that mattered.

This single night made me reflect on the many times we go through life trying too hard to be something; to look a certain way; to fit some type of stereotype. It’s exhausting and it’s for the birds if you ask me. Sometimes trying gets old. It’s better to just let go and be. That is a valuable lesson that I was reminded of, all while trying to decide on what to wear to match the vibe of a rooftop bar in Longbeach.

That night I realized that I was perfect just the way I was, not because I was without flaw, but because I had my own sense of individuality that no one could mimic or take away.


DOPE Tee | Ross 

Black Platform Booties | H&M

Jean Utility Jacket | Forever 21 

Photo Cred | DJ Freeman


I remember growing up in church, hearing people chant “I’ve got joy way down on the inside!” And “The joy of the Lord is my strength!” I never understood what this “joy” was all about, especially after I heard a message explaining how happiness and joy are two completely different things. How can you have joy without happiness? I questioned God daily on that “joy” thing until one day, I began to reflect.

Happiness is conditional; it is based on a specific circumstance or person, and is oftentimes ever changing. It is human; it is emotional; and quite frankly, it is not what it’s cracked up to be. I learned this during a time where I spent months in solitude, thinking about my life and where I was. One day I was happy, and the minute something became uncomfortable for me, I drowned in this state of melancholy. Aside from me being a woman with hormonal changes, it was quite pathetic for my emotions to change as quickly as they did. I knew I didn’t have “joy” because if I did, nothing on this earth would shake me. 

And that is when I grew closer to my Maker. I asked “why do I feel this way? Why can’t I have that joy that everyone else talks about?”

I can’t really explain how or where it came from, but as months passed; I noticed I had it. It’s here. My life is no where near where I expected it to be but something on the inside makes me excited to live, breathe. and enjoy this life of uncertainty. Something inside of me smiles even when my exterior feels completely broken down.

Now THAT….is joy. I pray that He grants it to you because it is such a beautiful thing to have.



Chiffon Floral Dress | Thrifted

Red Lippie | Esteé Lauder 

PHOTO CRED | K. Perkins


Today was a good day. I can’t even explain why. I was just so grateful to be outside breathing fresh air. It didn’t matter where I was; all that mattered was that I felt at peace within myself. Today I was intune with nature. Simply inhaling and exhaling were pure joys of livelihood because somehwee, someone  took their last breath.


Lace Kimono | Forever 22

Floral Midi Dress | Target

Booties | Forever 21

Gold Floral Necklace | Payless 

Coffee, Anyone?

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a crazy obsession with Starbucks. I will literally find any excuse to go. I could be in any kind of mood and I will use that to my advantage and treat myself to something from Starbucks. But aside from the delicates and the soothing aroma, what I also love about Starbucks is the peace that I get when I am there. Many times, I go there to either study, declutter my mind, or brainstorm with my friend Khaja on the many wonderful things that we can offer the world! Today I joined Khaja for a Soy Chai completed by a laptop, pens and notebooks.  I had a lot of work to catch up on for school so I channeled my need for relaxation in rocking this comfy neutral look. 

                        Cardigan | Ross
                       Joggers | Forever 21
         Cropped Choker & Sandals | Zizibeh
                  Floral Necklace | Payless 
                    Clutch | Christian Siriano 

It’s 5 o’ Clock Somewhere!

It's 5 o' Clock Somewhere!
Life is good, and it only gets better when you’re spending time with great people. Love and happiness are definitely in the air, especially when you’re Catching up with old friends that you haven’t seen in years! Oh what a joy! Let’s go out for drinks and celebrate life itself, but of course, we must do so in style! Cheers to the fifth hour of the evening, where friendships pick back up and emerge once again!

Striped shirt

Yves Saint Laurent black jacket
$4,745 –

Blue skirt

Black bootie

Michael kors tote

Eye shimmer makeup

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup
$24 –

Pink nail polish
$22 –

Valentine’s Day Looks: Day VS Night!

Valentine's Day Looks: Day VS Night!
Ladiesssss! Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend (YASSS) so that leaves us with an entire day of options! We can either prance around in the day, strut in the night, or do both! However you choose to spend your Valentine’s day, make sure you are chic and fabulous! Be inspired by this look and don’t forget to follow me on Polyvore @ brittanyshavonne!

River Island sequin shirt
$15 –

Beige skirt


Talitha pumps
$955 –

Chloé white and black handbag
$1,210 –

Oscar de la renta jewelry

Komono watch

Butter London moisturizing lipstick
$46 –

Ilia purple lips makeup
$34 –

Office Essentials for the Casual Fashionista

Office Essentials for the Casual Fashionistas
I recently started a new job and as always, I was inspired to come up with super chic looks for work, specifically those that are trendy, comfy, and office-savvy. I am a fashionista who LIVES for comfort, so I must be able to relax while feeling cute at the same time! I immediately thought of kimonos because they are super cute, comfy, and can be dressed up or down, depending on one’s mood! Be inspired by this look and don’t forget to follow me on Polyvore @ brittanyshavonne

Mani Pedi Fall Favs!

Mani Pedi Fall Favs!
Ah! I just love getting my nails done! Especially around this time of the year because I am a sucker for the autumn colors! Aren’t you?! If you are on your way to get a mani, pedi, or both and you’re having a hard time deciding, take a peep at this beautiful circle of colors!

JINsoon glitter nail polish

NARS Cosmetics nail polish

JINsoon vintage nail polish

JINsoon silver nail polish

Nail polish

Butter London glitter nail polish
$19 –

Butter London nail polish
$19 –

Your Go-To Ensembles This Winter: A Chic in the City Look!

Your Go-To Ensembles This Winter: Chic in the City!
It’s getting super chilly outside and all I want to do is sip a warm chai, cuddle, and watch reruns of Sex and the City all day! Sounds super lovely right? But life isn’t always this peachy; we have to get up, get out, and handle our business, no matter what the weather is like. So why not do it in style?! When I physically don’t feel up to doing something, I always get dolled up. Something about getting cute and dolled up just motivates me to go out and make things happen. So ladies, be inspired by this look as you get yourself together to prance around and make things happen this winter! 

Alice Olivia white tshirt dress
$355 –

Slimming legging
$20 –

Falke socks
$17 –

Oxford pumps

Yellow gold earrings

Jin Soon nail lacquer


IMG_7300Photo Courtesy | Ati Jackson

I won’t even front. I just felt the need to be comfortable with a sort of bad ass and edgy swag. Call me crazy, but when I have a look in mind, I take on its entire persona. I wanted to look like a 90’s chick who played no games; but far from gothic. So I threw on my $4 DOPE Tee, some black tights, and wrapped a black hoodie around my waist. I topped this simple look off with a basic black lip (just $1.99 at local beauty supply retailers) and I threw in some Cantu Conditioning cream to keep my curls moisturized. Nothing too complex. Just me relaxing with my family.

Gold Chain: H&M

DOPE Tee: DD’s

Tights: CVS Drugstore (Believe it or Not!)

Hoodie: Gifted

The Holiday Ensemble: All Dolled Up With Ease!

The Holiday Party: All Dolled Up With Ease!

With the Holidays approaching, there is so much going on; so many people to see; and tons of places to go! Holiday parties, socials, birthdays, and of course, the actual holiday dates alone! This means you have to put on your big smile and Sunday’s best because there will be people all up in your face. But for some reason, although you are in a good cheery mood, you dread the thought of trying to figure out what to wear to all of these shindigs! Your mind is on enough, and although you LOVE to look your best, deciding on the perfect ensemble is another things that will only stress you out. You don’t want to be typical and over-the-top in red or green, but you do want to dress according to the theme. What to wear? Not to worry! You can definitely doll yourself up with ease in this look, as all of these items (similar) can be purchased at your local retailers for great prices. You can even find some at the thrift stores. Pairing simple black pieces as an underlay to a faux fur vest screams high fashion; and of course, topping the look off with some cute booties, stylish accessories, and flawless makeup will have you looking and feeling your Holiday best in no time!

Whistles black crop top

$47 –

Diesel brown vest

Joseph leather skirt
$790 –

Chunky lace up boots
$54 –

Mini pochette
$41 –

Nails Inc navy blue nail polish

Butter london nail polish
$19 –

Butter London glitter nail polish
$19 –


I’ve been on my “personal-fulfillment” journey for some time now and I can’t lie. I’ve been feeling myself. From creating vision boards, to talking openly with my mentor, to simply exploring new things, I have been very happy. Nothing in life is perfect, but when you begin to work on yourself, you’ll feel a sense of ease that allows you to find perfection in even the most flawed things. (No, wait. Let me not get TOO deep, because I will never ever find beauty in a cockroach or waterbug. God forgive me, but some things will always be ugly to me.) But anyways, I want to share some tips with you that have been daily doses for me in my pursuit of personal fulfillment. I hope they help you as you embark on (or continue) your journey and I wish you the most rewarding experiences ever.

1.  Let Go. Continue reading



Surprise, surprise! I like to draw; and in my head, I am a high fashion designer, showing you a completely raw and unedited sample of my latest pieces. First, allow me to open up the world in my head to you, in case you don’t know what it consists of: I am an international designer who works out of my private villa in Paris while sipping Pinot Grigio or Stella Rosa. My breaks include snacking on fine goat cheeses, fruits, and delicate meats while watching the French style icons roam the streets. My idols of inspiration are Carrie Bradshaw and Christian Siriano. I design for the divas with alter egos: the classy fashionistas; the vixens, and even the sexy villains. In simplest terms, my concepts epitomize the fashionista who dares to unveil her inner bad-ass. My designs will have no faces sometimes because I believe that the vibe a style icon portrays is more influential than the way she looks. In other words, looks do not matter to me. Welcome to my world!

Photo Courtesy | Brittany Sha’Vonne Designs



You know what I’m starting to realize more and more every day? We–women–are absolutely crazy. We are fucking insane and although tamed from time to time, we have no way to completely control our crazy antics. But you know what? That’s ok.
Let me tell you something: I talk to myself. A lot. (I’m sure you do too! Don’t front.) The main thing that I say to myself every single day is “girl bye!”  I love it. It’s a hilarious curve that can be applied to any and everything and it’s a sure way to put yourself in check before someone else decides to! Sometimes when I’ve either had too much caffeine for the day and little to no rest, I find myself over analyzing things and worrying to the point of insanity.


One day, mid-stress, I caught myself worrying about something and I immediately blurted out “girl bye!”…to myself. Continue reading

Style 101 With Brittany: Pretty in Pastels!

'Cause I'm Feeling Pretty
Ah! The Fall is here, and here in LA, it’s not quite time for the Pea Coats and Mink Vests just yet. (I so wish it were!) I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my ensembles stylish and weather-savvy at the same time. The Autumn breezes grace us at night, but it’s been extremely hot during the day. I’ve been wanting to feel feminine, chic, and cool in this ever changing weather, so I thought of the perfect crisp colors to offset that during this seasonal transition: pastels and nudes! Perfect for every season with a soothing undertone of comfort and class! A woman can never have too many pieces in these fabulous colors. If you are going through an odd weather transition in your area as well, take style-spiration from my Pretty in Pastels look! This look can be worn during a semi-casual day in the office, out to lunch with a client, or even out shopping in the mall.


So I’ve been on the go lately–a lot–and I’ve barely had time to get super decked out. I typically take hours to get ready and all dolled up (ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you) but lately I’ve had between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on the day. The typical dramatic me would usually freak out and pace around trying to figure out what to wear. But not this time! Honey, I have mastered the art of being cute on the go using two main pieces! (Outfit deets below :)!)

I have a huge weak spot in my heart for dope fashion. To me, a person with a “dope” style is one who does not try at all when it comes to dressing up; someone who looks good without effort and has a badass sense of style. The rebel of the fashion world, if you will. Anyways, this week I was on my “dope ish” and I came up with two different looks using the same concept while mixing and matching a plaid shirt and a pair of black tights with different pieces. I’ve come to find out that being dope is super easy. Just pair something that looks good for your personal style and go! Now, this is not to be mistaken with just throwing on any old thing so please be mindful before you become a product of someone’e screenshot or hashtag!

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FIND YOURThink about this for a few minutes and let your answer sit with you for a while. Are you happy? ……No, I mean are you really happy?

If you’re the type of person to cringe at the thought of someone saying something about you or your decisions, you are setting yourself up for misery, my friend. And in addition, if you answered “yes” to my first question, you are completely lying to yourself. But don’t feel bad. We’ve all done that from time to time. You know? Lied our way through life; faked being happy and what not. Whether it was giving too much of a damn about what our parents wanted for us, settling in a relationship, or thinking too hard about how our friends might feel if we said “no” to a night out, we have all sacrificed our happiness in some way to please someone else. We’ve all fallen victim to becoming those sorry, dreadful beings that we love to talk about: the people pleasers. I hated people pleasers, but my emotions shifted in a way when I discovered that I was one of them myself. (“Awww damnit!, I’m one of them”, I thought to myself while staring into space.)


I recently decided that for me, those days are over. I’ve struggled with people pleasing for for years, and now that I have reached my breaking point, all I’ve had to say is “fuck it.” Continue reading



Back in September, I went to New York for the seventh time in my life and of course—I loved it! I had an original plan of staying there for three to four months for an internship and a blogger project, but those plans changed drastically. I wasn’t quite devastated, but I also wasn’t pleased. I was very confused. Continue reading

Stye 101 With Brittany: Get Up, Get Dressed and GO!

Get Dressed. Go. Give 0 Fuxks!
Ok. I’ll be honest! Some days, I wake up on my Beyonce side of the bed, feeling absolutely flawless. But other days? Not so much. Those days, I simply threw something on without even trying to look cute. I knew I had business to handle outside of the workplace and I had to dash out ASAP. Those were the “I’m in a hurry and I haven’t had my coffee” type of days; those “Don’t bother me, I give zero fuxks” type of days. To my surprise, several people approached me telling me how adorable I looked. I was so surprised because I knew that I had literally gotten out of my bed that day and said “fuxk it!” Excuse the lingo, but you all know exactly what I mean! I wanted to cry happy tears at the compliments, but instead, I dropped the drama queen response replied with “Who me?! Oh you’re far too kind!”
I’ve seen tons of ladies pull this off, and divas, you all have nailed it! Getting dressed in a hurry just to look fabulous without even trying—now that’s a true fashionista skill! For those of you who may be novices at pulling this off, don’t worry your pretty little selves. Take style-spiration from this look and get ready to head out!

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It’s Fridayyyyyy! One thing I LOVE to do on a Friday after work is hit up a nice happy hour with great sushi rolls! For all of my sushi lovers out there who are touring LA, I urge you to grab a bite at my favorite grub hub, Wokcano Restaurant & Lounge. If you’ve seen me posting delicate plates of sushi rolls on Insta, here is the infamous place where my girls and I dine from time to time!

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